It has taken me this long to digest and try to (still haven't) understand my misgivings about the play Blasted. So, Sarah Kane the 28 year old British writer who committed suicide wrote this and 4 other plays. That she was gifted and quite disturbed is apparent. While I understand that it is inherently a love story, and also the fact that life is completely random as one sometimes faces things bizarre; but the scene where the protaganist opens the hotel room door and is confronted with a terrorist with an AK45? Also why was I left so unmoved by the atrocities? Instead of being horrified I kept thinking ok now what will we see? rape? violence - extreme? cannibalism? check, check, check....think I understand how one can get inured to this.

Guess it is like most of us who read about atrocities in our society and because we don't have to face them it has no impact and she, justifiably felt, that it had to be made more immediate. But it did not work - for me, and some others who were at the show with me. I wonder why?

On the other hand Room by Emma Donaghue is a completely different story. Told from the point of view of a 5 year old whose mother is being kept imprisoned for sex (inspired by the true events in Austria) is heart-wrenching and compelling. Have to ge back to it!


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